Social Media Essays

At their most basic, these essays are a mundane intervention into everyday life. The purpose, ultimately, is to express your thoughts on a particular cultural object in a public forum, and do so from the relatively structured environment of the class.

These essays are assigned on Fridays, with the responses due to me over email by class on Wednesdays

Following each individual prompt you are to:

  1. Engage (read/view/etc) the cultural object asserted with each individual prompt.
  2. Write roughly 100 words about how you understand the cultural object
  3. Post your 100-word thought together with the object itself on the social media platform of your choice
  4. Read others’ responses but do not respond to them
  5. Write a brief essay (200-words) about how people responded to you and why you think they responded the way they did

Social Media Essay #1

Social Media Essay #2

Social Media Essay #3