Eng 352

Here you will find course materials and assignments for English 352: The Journey in Literature. If you have questions or concerns or cannot find something, please let me know ASAP!

From the course description: This section of The Journey in Literature we will read several texts that come from Western and non-Western traditions while focusing on different aspects of the journey with regard to cultural diversity and moral reflection. Throughout the semester students will keep a reflection journal documenting their own journeys through and experiences with course readings. How does previously acquired knowledge shape our own experiences of unexpected or fantastic events? To what extent does such foreknowledge prevent us from experiencing things “as they are,” and perhaps overdetermine our interactions with people from backgrounds and cultures that differ from our own? Is the journey truly “the destination,” or is it rather a profound invitation to free ourselves from our traditional ways of knowing our communities and those outside of them? Indeed, from the diverse perspectives of globalization, is such an approach to knowledge and knowing required of those who would be global citizens? In exploring these questions this course will emphasize reading, writing, and the use of information in the critical engagement with these texts and the cultural moments that produced them.

Eng 352 Syllabus

Essay 1

Essay 2

Final Project

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