ENGL 394: Final Project

The final project for ENGL 394 will be an original adaptation of a scene from the collection of works known as the fall of the house of Atreus. As with any film, this will be a group project, and success (or failure, which as we will see IS an option!) is a group objective.

This is a two-part assignment consisting of both the adaptation AND a critical reflection. The adaptation must be an original production involving all members of the group in addition to any extras needed to successfully complete the work. The final production must be 7-10 minutes in length in an archival digital format. In addition, you must provide any and all “behind the scenes” documents that contribute to this process, including but not limited to: a script, any costume designs, rough drafts/storyboards, etc.

The critical reflection will focus on your process as an individual involved in adapting this take to film. Why did your group make the representational choices that it made? What was your role in crafting the final project? How has contributing to this project informed how you understand adaptation as a multi-layered process? The paper should follow the guidelines outlined in the syllabus and be between 3-4 pages in length.