ENGL 101 Annotated Bibliography

ENGL 101 

Assignment Instructions

As part of your final paper you will need to have at least 4 scholarly sources upon which you draw to make your argument. For this assignment you will need to read and comment upon two of them, including the following information. We will go over this in detail on 11/4.

  • Write the bibliographic information using MLA citation style. Follow all of the guidelines for formatting and citation in MLA style. We’ll discuss this in class, but a simple search for “MLA-style annotated bibliography” at Purdue’s Online Writing Lab will be useful for you.
  • Write an annotation (summary) for your source. Annotations should include: a summary of the material (what claims does the author make?), description of evidence (how does the author back up his/her claims?), a comment on the credibility of source, and how you will use this source in your research.
  • Annotations should be around 150 words (not including the bibliographic citation). The reader should clearly see what is relevant, substantive, and credible about your source and how it will be applicable to your research question.

Basic (Minimum) Requirements:

  • Layout: MLA-style: 12 point Times New Roman font, double-spaced pages, 1” margins, page numbers and last name in the top right corner
  • First Page: Top left-hand corner should have (in this order) Your Name, My Name, Course Number and Section, Due Date, Annotated Bibliography (name of draft) and a descriptive title centered on the page; no title page
  • A substantive annotations that includes the following: 1) a summary of the material, 2) description of evidence, 3) comment on credibility, and 4) how you plan to use this material in your paper.
  • Summaries should be approximately 150 words pre source.
  • Free of grammatical and mechanical errors. Absolutely no misspellings.
  • No fragments.

(Hint: Consult your copy of INK for correctly formatted annotated bibliographies!)

Note: A paper that fails to meet the minimum requirements above on this assignment will receive a grade no higher than a D.

Due 11/23