Essay/Project #2

During the second half of the course we have focused more explicitly on cinematic adaptations of works of literature. For this assignment you have two options:

  1. Compare/contrast specific works covered in the second half of the class (a piece of literature and its adaptation; non-Greek drama). How do the written work and the film differ, and how are they similar? In what ways are these similarities and/or differences important? How does the director change the story to convey meanings and messages NOT in the literary work? What characters/people/places/things are introduced and/or excised in order to produce this new work? Paper should be 3-4 pages in length and follow the format on the syllabus. Due date is April 28.
  2. Participate in the production of a brief (5-10 minute) documentary on Mario Röllig’s visit to the area on April 13. We will not have class here that day so that students can attend his talk at the library in Sylva. This is student inspired project, so these are the only guidelines. Final product will be uploaded to Vimeo.