ENGL 202: Writing and Critical Inquiry

Below you will find the course description and course theme for my section of ENGL 202: Writing and Critical Inquiry, as well as links to the course policies and course calendar.

Course Description: English 202 emphasizes your development as a scholar. Writing and Critical Inquiry is a research-based course in rhetoric and scholarly writing. Students engage in interdisciplinary inquiries, solve complex problems, and develop arguments, synthesizing their ideas with ideas of others. Students must have passed English 101 – Writing and Rhetoric – in order to enroll [and succeed] in this second year course.

Course Theme: In this course we will be focusing our writing and research on topics related to the global food crisis. We will discuss what this topic means for you in class, but feel free to take the topic as broadly as you like to meet your own interests. We’ll examine scholarly articles about food and nutrition, read articles about the new (and controversial) food pyramid and analyze the rhetoric behind food marketing in the U.S. and N.C.

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