Questions to Consider for Final Project Reflections

If you elected to do either the exhibition/book/film options for the final project, here are some questions to consider for the final reflection. Remember that is an 8-10 page assignment, so as stated in the syllabus you have ample room to talk about/incorporate course readings and class discussions into your description of your piece.

  1. How is your project inspired by the works we read in class? Does to dialogue with any in particular? Are you seeking to push any social/gender/sexual norma through your project? If so, how?
  2. Who is the intended audience for your project? How do you intend to engage with that particular group? In particular, describe this as a way to produce knowledge in a non-traditional format.
  3. If your precept was collective, how would you describe this experience? How was it similar/different from other collective projects in which you have participated?
  4. Describe the different aesthetic choice you/your group made in the production of your project. Why did you make the choices you made? Why did you choose to represent things in the way that you dud? Why did you represent certain aspects of the Beat generation’s ethos as opposed to others?
  5. How does your project engage with our wide-ranging discussions on the Beats as spiritual seekers and the quest for visionary experience (if at all)?