Questions for the Popol Wuj

The Popol wuj is a multi-layered, incredibly complex text. As you read the first few pages, keep the following in mind:

1) You are reading a the pdf of a book online. Can you imagine how this experience would be different from a reading of the original glyphic text? Is this difference important? How?

2) Are there moments where what you are reading might NOT have been in the “original” book but are in fact moments where the scribe(s) are actually recording the performance?

3) The first few pages lay out the project of that particular reading of the work? Why is it being read on this occasion? Why is it being written down?

4) The narrative voices are fully aware of the historical moment in which they are writing. How does this awareness inform their reading? What does it mean to narrate a history of the K’iche’ people from the beginning of time until the present in their context?

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