Eng 352 Essay 1



So far this semester we have spent a lot of time discussing the journey as experience and how experience of a journey may or may not be limited by  our own perceptions. For the first essay, explore this tension with regard to one of the texts we’ve read this far (Anderson, Columbus, or Cortázar).

Questions to consider include: How are the people involved here limited by their own perceptions? Is the journey in question here as much about breaking out of or moving beyond these as it involves moving through physical space? Do these perceptions hold up, or are they merely figments of their own imaginations? Has a journey in fact happened? Is anyone changed? How is the protagonist’s experience shaped by “the call” he/she receives? Make sure to have a clear argument and thesis statement in your paper and to back these up with specific examples from the text!

In addition to following paper submission guidelines outlined on the syllabus, please also cite at least 2 critical sources done from your own original research in your paper. The first draft will be workshopped in class on Sept 12, with the final being due on Sept 22. For the Sept 12 workshop please make sure to bring 2 copies of the paper to class!

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