Questions for “The Island at Noon”

1) Who is the protagonist? What is his life like? In what form does he receive “the call”?

2) From what point of view is the story narrated? What effects does this create?

3) In pursuit of his journey, what happens to the protagonist’s life and his relationships with those around him?

4) Cortázar is often identified with Magical Realism or Surrealism. What are elements of these in the text?

5) What is the game with perception and reality being played in the text? With the reader? With the  protagonist?

2 comments to “Questions for “The Island at Noon””
  1. Hi Paul,

    Great questions you have here about The Island at noon. I was just wondering if you could send me a selection of the responses that people have sent you. Or your own responses? I would look to have a look at some of the ideas for my uni project!



    • Thanks for the compliment, Katie! These are general discussion questions that I ask my students to look at before/as they read the story, so I don’t necessarily have any written responses. Good luck on your project!

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