ENGL 101 Altar Reflection (Essay #3)

Altar Final Reflection

 The final component of the Día de los muertos altar assignment is for you to write a critical reflection about your experience of learning about altars, assembling one, working in your group, writing your document about the element your group contributed, and finally about your being here today as a class.

Some questions to get you started with your classmates here today: from your perspective, do you think you did a good job writing for the broader campus community? How is this different than writing for a professor or from within a specific discipline? What should you have researched more? Are public assignments like this important? Why or why not? Has this assignment contributed to how you see Día de los muertos? If so, how? If not, why do you think that?

This should be 400-500 words and submitted in the format found in the syllabus.