351 Final Reflection or Essay

You have 2 options for the final project/essay in the class. Choose 1.

A) Throughout the semester we have discussed how many works by the Beats use language to defy “norms,” whether these be in relation to sexuality, class, or gender. Choose 3 works read in class and write an 8-10 page paper analyzing how this happens in the works you choose. You must cite directly from the works and include at least 3 scholarly sources in your paper.

B) The final project for the class was to stage a series of lunches where you collectively fed the campus community. Students were responsible for most stages of putting these together (save getting the space). Reflect on this experience in the context of the class, pulling out themes, challenges, and things you learned from both the project and the course.  Be open about the challenges, successes, and failures of this collective intervention.

Remember that is an 5-7 page assignment, so as stated in the syllabus you have ample room to talk about/incorporate course readings and class discussions into your description of your piece.

  1. How was project inspired by the works we read in class? Does to dialogue with any particular texts?
  2. Who is the intended audience for this project? How do you intend to engage with that particular group? In particular, describe this as a way to produce knowledge in a non-traditional format?
  3. How does the project engage with our wide-ranging discussions on the Beats as spiritual seekers and the quest for visionary experience (if at all)?